Kids in Preschool


Youth Mentoring

Youth Mentoring

As the Judge, I plan to spend enormous hours, mentoring our youth to understand the court process and to ensure they are complying with the requests.  The following areas are key to the program:

  • Close up session with our youths at the Middle and High Schools

    • Focus on:

      • (R) – Respect – you must respect your teachers, staff and faculty

      • (T) – Truancy – you must attend class to avoid being delinquent and fall into the truancy system

      • (C) – Compliant – you comply with the court process – do not take it for granted that it will go away or you can avoid it or it would not affect you later

  • Community events with our youths

    • Teaming up with local civic, church and community groups and organizations which are focusing on very similar initiatives

  • Role Model

    • Plan to be a role model for our youths

    • Helping them to aspire for something in life, especially our youths are being raised by single-parents